a complete guide to trekking in Nepal

About Trek Nepal

The Trek Nepal guide is owned by ITG Services Limited, which makes guides to the wild places of the world. However, proceeds from the sale of the Trek Nepal guide are intended specifically provide retirement support for people who had trekked frequently with Oliver Sparrow. He established the company.

Oliver took the most of the pictures of Nepal. Roshan Sharma has thirty years of experience as a sirdar - guide to the Nepal Himalayas - and his knowledge fed into the detailed route guides. Purna Rai undertook the task of scanning and balancing the thousands of 35 mm slides. We are all, unhappily, a bit grayer than these pictures would suggest.

We are continuing to publish interactive travel guides. See here for our (much, much bigger) guide to Peru in both English and Spanish. See here for some useful links to information about Nepal. See here for information about helping Nepal. There is a site map for the Nepal guide here.