a complete guide to trekking in Nepal

What equipment will run the guide?

Once installed, Trek! Nepal behaves like a web site. However, it deploys 120 megabyes of images, sound and text right there on your computer! You will, of course, need the right equipment. It requires a Windows environment for installation, and runs on MS Internet Explorer 6 or better. Other browsers give uncertain results.

For speed, Trek!Nepal self-installs on your hard drive. (It becomes part of your suite of registered programs.) The graphics are designed for a 1024 x 768 screen. Lower resolution displays are not recommended. The language section needs a sound card to achieve its full performance.

We offer a downloadable upgrade which greatly extends your experience. This download is essential for Netscape users. It works with 'pop-up' screens and controls in Windows XP and software such as Norton Firewall must have pop-up turned off if it is to work.

Nepali girls peer through the window of a traditional house, Nepal