a complete guide to trekking in Nepal

Roam all of the Nepal Himalayas with this guide

Here is something quite new. This multimedia guide offers you a web of walking routes which cover all of the accessible Nepal Himalaya. There are around a thousand pictures of Nepal, most organised on a day-by day basis for each trekking route. Here is a sample day on trek, although of reduced image quality due to download times. Here is a list of all the trails that the guide covers.

Install the guide on your computer and roam Nepal at will. You can print out the parts that you need to take with you, although it would take about 300 A4 pages to print out all the text!

The guide is based on decades of experience. It provides everything that you need to know about trekking in Nepal, about preparation for the mountains and health care, about Nepal's wildlife and its many diverse peoples and religions. It even helps you to learn spoken Nepali.

Please read the important section on compatibility before ordering, as the guide has modestly specific requirements.

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